Instructions for using this House Hacking Calculator

The values in the fields below are example values.

To begin, enter your total monthly rental income. Then enter the purchase price and select one of the down payment options. Depending on your selection, you will see one or two additional fields, fill in the appropriate information. In the Mortgage Calculation section, enter the loan details to auto-calculate the monthly mortgage payment. Enter your House Hacking Calculator, , Passive Income ITestimated annual expenses in the last section to see your Net Monthly Cash Flow amount.

As you enter your values, the calculator works continuously in the background to calculate your Net Monthly Cash Flow. Feel free to play with the numbers and try various what-if scenarios so you can see the effect on your bottom-line cash flow if you change one or more values.

I hope this calculator helps you make better investment decisions.

If the net monthly cash flow is a positive number, you may have found a great deal. This means that you could be living for free! If this is a negative number, this is your monthly out-of-pocket housing cost.